Studio Images

'For me, the studio serves as a conceptual playground, as I allow my work to change, drift, and evolve, as it needs to. As events unfold in my own life, the paintings become a metaphorical representation of those experiences.' -Myron

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Studio from the backyard

Zoe Stephens working
at the drawing table

One of the reference walls

Large easel with Zoe painting in lower level of studio

Brushes and oil paints

Reference photo files
for landscapes and still lifes

Checking references with Gary Blum during paint-a-thon
Summer 2009

Working on new painting
Summer 2009

Michelle Stephens working on website in studio 'office'
with Cedar and Daisy

Sketching template for our bathroom counter painting
August 2008

Myron with several painting backgrounds for a project in downtown Sacramento
November, 2009

Myron with paintings for Sacramento Loft project
November, 2009

New painting, This One
Almost done!
May, 2010
Show is June, 2010


Newest painting for
solo show at
John Natsoulas Gallery
Show runs through June, 2010


Myron and Scott Holcombe
filming in the studio
for Good Day Sacramento
June 24, 2010

Myron on Good Day Sacramento
with Cody Stark and Julissa Ortiz
June 24, 2010

Myron photographing new model
for current series
August, 2010

Myron in photo shoot
with new model and stylist
August, 2010

Myron painting "blurred polaroid"
October, 2011

Myron and Gary Blum
A music break during a Paint-A-Thon
November, 2011

Myron and chalkboard for JNA Gallery
December, 2012

Myron getting ready for show
JNA Gallery, Santa Monica
December, 2012

Myron and Gary Blum
A break during a Paint-A-Thon
"The Crane" December, 2012

Myron with Landscapes
for Natsoulas landscape show
during Paint-A-Thon
July, 2013

Myron with work for Midtown Arts
Solo show, works spanning over 20 years
May, 2015

Myron with Gary Blum and Violet
July, 2015

Myron painting The Bluebird
for solo exhibition
John Natsoulas Gallery, September, 2015
July, 2015

Myron in the studio
starting a new twist
March, 2016